Road trip to Spain


Spain is a super electrifying country with high spirits. The architecture, sights and festive vibes from Spanish people keeps on adding enormous value to your exhilarating road trip.

Best time to visit Spain:
If you wish to capture lavish landscapes and alluring festivities of Spain on this Road trip to Spain then July-August is the best time for you.  We would recommend you to visit Spain particularly during this season to inhale Spain culture and make a pleasingly memorable road trip.

Beginning the road trip to Spain with San Sebastian

La Concha
La Concha, San Sebastian

July happens to the warmest month with mild evenings and is apt for tourist who loves to pioneer variety in nightlife.  One can enjoy the jazz festival that starts in the beginning of July where in all music lovers from across the world descend down for major concerts.

Needless to say, La Concha is one tourist spot one shouldn’t miss while on road trip in San Sebastian. One can go swimming, surfing and even sub bathing to lighten up mood for the next spot. One can enjoy whole length walk during sunrise across Playa de la Concha beach.  This beach stands aloud for its great view and soft sand.

Next Destination: Pamplona

San Fermin
San Fermin, Pamplona

Pamplona is around 81 kms from San Sebastian and takes around an hour to reach the city. It has a mild humid temperature with warm summer which doesn’t deter you from goal on your innervating road trip. This city is famous for the “San Fermin” festival which is said to be life changing experience for the most that have either witnessed or have jumped in it. It’s a weeklong celebration which starts from 6th and ends on 14th July. This celebration involves running of the bulls – an internationally renowned fiesta. Lucky ones get the ticket to see the bullfights that takes place in the afternoon.

Post Pamplona: its Barcelona
Barcelona is around 4 hours of drive from Pamplona. It’s quite hot in Barcelona in August but if 28 degrees is not hot for you then you have made the right decision to visit a city that encompasses some of best world heritage sites. Park Güell , Palau de la Música Catalana, Sagrada Familia are few names you must see. Get mesmerized in the beauty of these heritage sites as the sub basks upon you.

Tomatino Festival in Bunol
Tomatino Festival, Bunol

From Barcelona to Bunol : Yay ! it’s Tomatino time

The town surrounded by mountain range is 380 kms and 3 and half hours of journey approximately from Barcelona. Mind it but this journey paves off the moment one dives in Tomatino festival. Kick off your heels and dive in with both feet and hands and start enjoying the fest with local population and some tourist just like you to add another experience to rejoice from this road trip.

Hanging houses in Cuenca
Hanging houses in Cuenca

Bunol to Cuenca:
Come to the most extraordinary towns to see hanging houses built right up to the cliff edge. Easily located and approximately one hour of drive from Bunol.

Palacio Real, Madrid
Palacio Real, Madrid

Cuenca to Segovia:
Spend around two and half hours on your journey to reach Segovia to behold beauty of best preserved roman monuments. Aqueduct of Segovia definitely makes you ponder over architecture of Spain. Brilliant!

Final stop: Madrid
Apply sunscreen all over body and set off to drive 100 kms and an hour to reach largest city of Spain – Madrid. Take a sip of Palacio Real and some golf and while you dare to look at sun, get an adrenaline filled experience by going to a quad bike tour. And that sums up the Spain Road trip – Mélange of culture, festivals and history.


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