8 Places to see in Regensburg

Cathedral of St Peter’s
Type: Religious , Architectural Buildings
Address: Domplatz, 93047 Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
It is a centrally located magnificent building with catholic gothic German architecture.

Cathedral of St Peter's
Cathedral of St Peter’s

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Altes Rathaus
Type: Historic site
Address: Rathausplatz 1, 93047 Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
Get a look at citi’s most impressive set of building with beautiful surrounding. Hire a guide to know details of its history.

Altes Rathaus
Altes Rathaus

Old Stone Bridge
Type: Site, Bridge
It’s a 12th century bridge across the Danube. There is a lot of history occupied in this Old stone bridge.  If you are visiting the tourist office, Old stone bridge is on a walking distance.

Old Stone Bridge
Old Stone Bridge, Regensburg

Walhalla Temple
Type: Monument, site, historic site
This ancient structure possesses undeniable charm which makes it a beautiful site to visit in Regensburg.
Address: Walhalla Strasse 48, Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

Walhalla Temple
Walhalla Temple, Regensburg

Thurn und Taxis Palace
Type: Castle, Historic Site
Address: Emmeramsplatz 5, 93047 Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
Castle with Great history around it.

Thurn und Taxis Palace
Thurn und Taxis Palace

Alte Kapell
Type: Religious Site
Address: Alter Kornmarkt 8, Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
Alte KApell is a paragon of Baroque splendor. A Church with a wow factor should be visited while sun is shining in full swing.

Alte Kapell
Alte Kapell

Haidplatz Square
Type: Site
Address: Haidplatz Square, Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
A must visit place for a pleasant walk in a traffic free area and to witness old architecture around.

Besucherzentrum Regensburg
Type: Site
Address: Weisse-Lamm-Gasse 1, 93047 Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
It is located directly on the stone bridge. The visitor center is one of the high lights for culture vultures large and small.

Alte Kapell
Alte Kapell,Regensburg



3 thoughts on “8 Places to see in Regensburg

  1. Charlotte

    What you listed above as “Haidplatz” is not correct. The visitor center which you describe is at the “Alter Salzstadel,” and the picture you posted is also not of the “Alte Kapell,” but of the “Alter Salzstadel as well. Finally, the correct address for the Salzstadel is Brückstraße 2, 93047 Regensburg. Please correct.


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