9 Sightseeing Spots in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the richest countries in the world and also very densely populated. The area it covers is approximately 573 sq mi making it the 32nd largest city in term of covering area. This city is the most important financial hub for northern America. Because of the migration in the past few years the population of this city has increased rapidly. As a result, this capital city provides some of the best tourist spots that you can’t find in any part of the world. Actually most of the Mexico City tourist attractions are based on its traditional and historical architectures.

If you are thinking about the sightseeing attractions, there are lots of interesting places you can go while visiting to Mexico City. This city has the most numbers of museums than any other cities in the world. So, Mexico City tourist attractions mainly feature the ancient museums and historical buildings. You should have best Mexico City travel guide to plan a best trip to Mexico and to get best information about Mexico sightseeing places. Here are nine some of the best tourist destinations in Mexico City.

Plaza de las Tres Culturas– this place is very popular among the visitors, and it is a centre of Pre-Columbian city of Tlateloco.

Central University City Campus– this place is one of the most popular places in Mexico City as here you can see the 20th century architecture.

Ballet folklorico de mexico– it is the ballet group that gave the best ballet performance in the world.

Palacio Nacional  this is one of the best Mexico City tourist attractions as here you can see the real tradition art of Mexico. Actually it is the official residence of president.

Mexico City Center
Mexico City Center

San Janicto plaza– this place is situated at the heart of the city and it is the only place where you can buy some art pieces with a reasonable price in the weekly Saturday art market.

Palacio de bellas artes– this is also a famous venue in Mexico City.

Xochimilco– it is also a great place to visit. Actually it is a water way through which goods are transported.

National museum of anthropology– this is one of the most advanced and extensive anthropology museum in the world.

Museo del Temple Mayor– it is a traditional Mexican temple.

Apart from all these Mexico City tourist attractions, bars, nightclubs, restaurants are also very much responsible for the improvement of tourism in this part of Mexico.

If you want to enjoy a warm day, you should come here in April and May as rest of the year is very cool in this part of the world, and you may also suffer from the air pollution. However, the impact of Mexico City tourist attractions is so high that when a visitor comes here he carries strong and good memories with him.


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