10 Best Places to See in NewCastle

Are you willing to have a great time in this weekend? Are you looking for the finest location to be spent with your family? You are very lucky that you have got this article in your hands. One of the best places in the whole world for spending vacation with family or friends is the Newcastle, the city of beauty, the city of fun. this article will provide you the best Newcastle tourist information about 10 best tourist attractions. Things to do in NewCastle should be planned, because you should not miss anything in that place. This place is not only popular for its natural beauty but also its culture is amazing. The rich history of the place brings it to another level of excitement.

10 Best Places

The first place that you would see is the beauty of the Hunter River and the harbor. You would love to see the beauty of the busy harbor. You can see the giant ships closely. The view of freight ships, ferries, and vessels are just amazing. There are three sandy beaches in the Newcastle. You should not miss these three places. The Bather way you have to follow for the view of beaches. You can walk the path but it would take almost 3 hours walking. There are many Things to do in NewCastle and most of them you have to do beside the road. The fourth place you should see is the Darby Street and this if for the shops beside the road. You can do boutique shopping there, if you love shopping.

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The fifth and another exciting scene is the view of the city from different angles. There are eight beaches around the city you should visit them for different tastes. Visit the spots and surf the city. The one of the most important Things to do in NewCastle is to see the sunrise from beaches to have an extraordinary experience. The sixth place you have to visit is the theatre where you can watch a show and know there culture. The seventh place is the Fort Scratchley which is a historic site. Don’t miss another historic place, Christ Church Cathedral. You should see it at night so that you can get the maximum beauty. The ninth place is the King Edward Park where you would get to know that there is lots of Things to do in NewCastle. Don’t miss the bar beside the beach.

Things to do in NewCastle are so many; now decide which to be done at first.


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