Loja – 6 best things to visit and explore

Loja, the capital city of Loja province has an essence of its own and often called as the musical hub of Ecuador. In fact, it is common to spot the people of this city to sing while moving in groups and there is a local police band that performs on Sundays. The city may not have gained prominence as a tourist location when compared with other places of Latin America, but there are numerous things to do in Loja and no dearth of places when it comes to sightseeing. The old world charm of this city is wonderfully associated with the buildings and monuments that have been carefully preserved for the vacationers.

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If you are wondering about the Loja tourist information, you will have to arrange an itinerary that is long enough for you to cover all the places and also for enjoying all the activities that are present in this destination. However, there are six famous places to visit when you are in Loja.

  • For adventure lovers, Scott’s Adventure Tours offer an exceptional time spent on trekking activities in Vilcabamba area. The lovely surroundings and the view from the top of the mountain are breathtaking.
  • The Podocarpus National Park is a place to be for nature lovers and the tourists will love to move through the walking tracks to the waterfalls and lakes. As a matter of fact, there are so many things to do in Loja that it is indeed difficult to mark six venues that are more remarkable than the others.
  • Similarly Le Banda Park is huge nature park with ample greenery that is located at the eastern and western shores where the tourists can enjoy with families as there is a zoo for the kids, a museum of orchids and track for cart race.
  • The Church of Santo Domingo is a reflection of Gothic architecture. The church was almost destroyed during the earthquake of 1867, but reconstructed later in the Colonial style with a few remaining of Gothic architecture.
  • While exploring about the things to do in Loja, Jardin Botanico is a botanical garden that is situated at a height and offers a visual treat with over 800 species of native species of plants and flowers.
  • The Puerta de la Ciudad refers to the gates of the city, which is a specimen of grandeur consisting of four galleries, cafeteria and gift shop.

Loja is one of those few cities that offer plenty of activities for the tourists and a large number of nature parks that are to be enjoyed with families and grown up kids. There are numerous activities or things to do in Loja and this tourist destination suffices the requirements of knowledge seekers to a great extent.


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