Wellington Travel Guide – 8 Things to Do while on Vacation

Have you planned for a trip to Wellington? Do you want to enjoy the trip completely? Things to do in Wellington are a lot, so you need to have a list for the things that you must to do in Wellington  You are very lucky that you have got this article in your hands. This article on Wellington travel information would tell you about the top 8 things that you should do on the vacation. You have to make sure that you have not missed those things.

  • Walk the Oriental Bay & waterfront

One of the most enjoyable things that you should do is waterfront walk. You would love it not only for its sculptures but also for the lower population of the city. It helps to enjoy the walk. You would love to see the crocodiles. You can have a break on the Oriental Bay.

  • Visit Te Papa

One of the most important Things to do in Wellington is to visit the Te Papa. If you have kids, the best place to enjoy in Wellington with friends.

  • Take Cable Car Enjoy Botanical Gardens

The greatest point of the park is that it is at the center of the city. However the place is hidden between the hills. You can discover this, if you take the cable car. Remember, if you don’t take the table car, you are going to miss a long portion of the entertainment. Take the cable car from Lambton Quay to the Botanic Gardens.

  • Go to the Zoo

You can see one-legged birds, known as Kiwi.

  •  Things to do in Wellington include listening to the penguins at the darker stage of twilight returning back to the nests.
  • You would love to see plenty of sea creatures visiting the Marine Education Centre which resides at the Island Bay.
  • If you are looking for a different kind of experience, just walk along the coast, you would listen to the oystercatchers.
  • Look out on Mt Victoria

You would love to visit Mt Victoria for watching planes. From there you can also have the view of the Wellington harbor. Things to do in Wellington are a lot there for an adventurous person.

Since there are a lot of things to do and see in Wellington, you can have more things there, but don’t miss all of these stated above. Things to do in Wellington should be kept in mind to have a better vacation.


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