For a common ma…

For a common man traveling is a waste of time and for him traveling is only once in year and that too with his kids. For a man, who worships the ideology of discovery, will continue traveling every now and then, not to get rejuvenated or not to see any exotic location, but he will travel to see the glorious history the place has witnessed and the stories associated with it. For him to travel is to rediscover the man in himself. – Renny Cross

The quote explains that there are array of people in this world. Not everyone considers travel as a career or as a good hobby or a thing to do. Such people worship their work and deem travel as a fragile thing to do. Only when their kids would cajole them to take them to a vacation, they will stand on their feet to take them to nearest zoo. On the other hand there are people who takes break from their working life to rediscover a different world. And there are other people who chose to be a traveler for their entire life. For them digging deep into the roots of a heritage place or trying a hiking will be a most memorable thing to do in life.

I like such kind of people. People or better say it “travelers” who can’t get enough of this earth. They are hungry to travel more and hungry to dive into the canvass created by the almighty himself.


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