What you need to know about Maldives?

Maldives !

Coddled in the middle of Indian Ocean, this scenic- place to visit before you die – has been receiving tourist in multitude.  Mere looking at the pictures make you feel how serene it would be to spend a luxurious holiday in the heart of ocean.  See-Through beaches, unending shades of blue and and a tranquil place with exotic living.  Sublime it is !

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Maldives Resort
Maldives Resort

It’s a romantic getaway. It hold top most position while planning a honeymoon. It’s an island to have a underwater hotel. Why Just couples? Maldives has something for everyone

Maldives Gateway
Maldives Gateway

I’d suggest everyone to give a day’s time to enjoy the sunshine and indulge in some spa therapy.

Maldives Beach
A way to most exotic holiday destination

Best time to visit Maldives is during Summers.  It’s sugar looking beaches awaits your presence in summer. It’s a high season and most of the resorts are often booked already. You better book your reservation online to enjoy Maldives thoroughly.  Tourist flock here mostly during Christmas when the whole Maldives is drenched in color of celebration.

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Best beaches in the world
What makes it one among best beaches in the world.

Maldives is not all about watching scenic beaches and living in a lavish holiday. Like any other beach destination, Maldives too has water sport to indulge into. Groove this time with the waves and breeze trying your hands on some water sports like scuba diving and a banana boat ride.

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Water Sport at Maldies
Water Sport at Maldives

For Water sport lovers – May to November is the best time to visit.  During this months, water clarity is more due to increased level of water. One can dwell into jet-skiing, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling can give an amazing experience to all tourists.

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