About Me

Hi !

I am an independent traveller who loves globe trotting  and sharing my travel experiences. I thought what better medium than WordPress to make my opinions, views and reviews on places visited heard online. If you have any query on places to visit or see or festivals to attend this year, please email me on crossrenny@gmail.com. I’ll be more than happy to revert with a satisfying answer to your queries.

Renny Cross
Renny Cross

About me:

Like I said, I am an independent traveller and visited Africa, US, UK and Australia till now. My next plan of action is to explore Islands and I am on my way to plan itinerary for the same. I have done my masters in economics and is working in a small start up which allows me plenty of time to travel. Isn’t that exciting. I love checking in to different places, writing reviews like anything. It’s strange to see how we all are emotionally connected to our roots and culture. It’s a new experience every time i go on a trip. Well ! There’s more than just “an experience” to any travel trip. That’s it from my end. As I said do email if you have any query or questions on travelling.

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