They say that life never stops in Taipei. True that! A huge array of fabulous restaurants, sprawling city life and nightlife, ceaseless development; this Taiwan city has determined never to stop. Another hub to the flourishing Chinese antiquity and tradition, this city is more just more than being specific; it is a platter filled with mesmerising multi-cultures existing and followed with equal respect. Everything, be it a ritual or a food, a clothing or a technology; everything takes its own new form in Taipei and mingles with its tradition. Everything about Taipei can be summed up in one single word- ‘dynamic’.
Want to know more about this upfront town of Taipei? Here is a list of things to do in Taipei

taipei collage
Golden waterfall
Unlike its name, there is no gold rolling and flowing over the rocks rather the fall gained its nomenclature from the gold mine. This mine has been abandoned since a long time and the rain water falling down from the rocks pick that golden hue and appear golden, thus becoming one of the quirkiest attractions of the city.
Mountain Keelung
Situated amidst beautiful hills and valleys, Taipei is really a nature’s masterpiece. Mount Keelung, which was once an active volcano, is now extinct and presents an exemplary view of the whole of the city. With low steps, the mountain is a challenging yet an enthusiastic point to hike.
Shilin Night Market
One of the popular night markets in Taipei, this market is divided into two parts- one is the place for restaurants and food courts and other consists of a wide range of shops selling various beautiful clothes, accessories, home decor and other exquisite indigenous items.
Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Dedicated in memory of the former president Chang Kia-Shek, this monument well-known for its architectural facts and is also surrounded with beautiful parks and natural trails. Also there is National Theatre located nearby and the annual Taipei Lantern Festival is celebrated at this place.
Wufenpu market
Who doesn’t love clothes? And if you are standing in the biggest cloth market of Taipei, shopping is a must. Wufenpu is a huge and extraordinary cloth market of Taipei, located at the foothills of a beautiful mountain.
Hakka Blue
The liking for Ceramics is dated such long back that it is unknown to the human beings since when the material gained place in accessorising and decoration. Hakka Blue displays some of the best ceramic wares, crockery, art pieces with the traditional Chinese prints and works persuaded by Hakka clothing patterns.
Taipei Expo Park
A perfect weekend getaway of Taipei, this expo park is a collection of various attractions suiting to all ages. With a big marketplace, plazas, amusement park and an art museum this place is a must visit for every Taipei traveller.
Taipei Zoo
Also called as Muzha Zoo it is a home to the world famous Giant Pandas Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan and also for other tropical animals. Also this zoo has Australian, African and other continental animal species as well as the polar animals such as seals and penguins.
Taipei Children’s Amusement Park
Renovated and relocated in Shilin, this amusement park is a best option for kids with various new rides, sandpit, and in-house restaurants. Also there is a Ferris wheel erected inside the park for the kids’ amusement. The park also offers special free rides over the place.
Themed restaurants
Taipei is popular among the locals as well as the tourists for its couple of quirky, out of the box restaurants. Dine on a toilet seat or drink beer in a testing beaker; Taipei is a fun land in terms of dining. Hello Kitty Sweets, Barbie Cafe, A380, Modern Toilet Restaurant, Ninja Restaurant are some of the popular weird restaurants in the city.