Rotterdam Attractions – 8 Most Visited Places to See

There are many monuments, museums and modern architecture in the Rotterdam city of Netherlands which is world famous. This article on Rotterdam travel guide will help you find out most talked about the Rotterdam tourist attractions.

Rotterdam Marathon
Rotterdam Marathon

Rotterdam Zoo – The zoo of the Rotterdam is divided into two areas. One part has oceanic animals and is designed with a large aquarium and the other part which is older is accessible through zoo train. The Zoo always tries to relocating new habits of animal.

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Museum Boignams Van Beuningen is a famous art museum and one of the main Rotterdam Attractions. It is located only 15 to 20 minutes away from Central Station of Rotterdam by foot. The paintings where very beautiful and the whole set up was excellent. Some of the paintings where on wood and you could also see the after side, on which sometimes they also was a painting.

Arboretum Trompenburg is a beautiful garden. This arboretum is an oasis for tourists to sit or stroll among perennials, bulbs and trees. These gardens offer you a chance to view a large number of different species of plants which also includes seven hundred and fifty species of Hosta. This is a place to spent a peaceful afternoon or longer.

Erasmus Bridge is a world famous bridge and is judged as a highest level of architectural work. It is an amalgamation of art and science. The imposing bridge of Rotterdam is another great sign of their work. Its harp shape covers the largest harbor in the world. It is one of the examples of Nederland leading the Europe. It is not only considered as a major Rotterdam tourist Attractions but also it connects downtown Rotterdam to the Kop van Zuid where many modern high rises is located.
Euromast Tower offers a panoramic view of the harbor and the city to its visitors. It has a height of 328 feet and at that level of height, you will definitely get a spectacular view and it is worth to visit. It gives a nice view of Nederland as port city and holds its place as one of the major Rotterdam tourist attractions.

Kunsthal is an art museum. See the Avant Garde exhibition there and you will be definitely impressed. Although the exhibition is temporary it is well worth a visit if it’s still on. Lots of amazing, famous artists all come in one exhibition which is truly inspiring. The building itself is great and has some great exhibition spaces- the cafe is lovely too.

City and harbourwalk is a scenic/historic place. There is a wonderful blend of old and new buildings and some of the modern architecture is fascinating, especially down by the river.

Delfshaven, in the summer is a great place for a terrace in Rotterdam. It is a must place to visit for the travelers for observing the beautiful architecture of that place.

Among the many places in the Rotterdam city, these are the notable eight Rotterdam tourist Attractions that you must visit as a tourist.