D Day, Normandy Beach

D Day Normandy Beach – 9000 Fallen Soldiers Etched

Location Normandy Beach:

Unless it’s a special day, one wouldn’t find beach decorated or without anything less than sea shore and salty waves that come touches your feet and sweeps you off.. Well ! Normandy beach this time was something different.

On the D day, to commemorate peace day, British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss accompanied by numerous volunteers stenciled 9,000 Fallen Soldiers who died  on June 6th, 1944 during WWII. Here’s a quick look at how they did it and how it come out.

D Day, Normandy Beach
Drawing Soldiers on D Day beach

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D Day, Normandy Beach
Drawing Soldiers on D Day beach

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D Day, Normandy Beach

D Day, Normandy Beach
A complete picture of D Day Beach
D Day, Normandy Beach
Preparation during D Day Beach

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D Day, Normandy Beach
Part of D Day Beach
D Day, Normandy Beach
Preparation at D Day Beach
D Day, Normandy Beach
Preparation at D Day Beach
D Day, Normandy Beach
9,000 Fallen Soldiers Etched

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London Overview

Top 10 Places To See in London

If you are one of those who crave and dream to visit London, here’s a small guide on places to see in London. Good thing about London is that most of the places are free things to do. One can prefer to take bus tour which covers most of the London attractions and is suitable for mostly first time visitors.

London Overview
London Overview

London Overview:
London ranks first as the financial, cultural and tourist centre in the world. Every year tourists throng London in flocks to explore its innate beauty. Tourists also have a lot of options to explore here starting from modern art to exhibitions to expert music to offer the best London sightseeing provisions.

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Let’s have a quick glance over top 10 places you shouldn’t miss while visiting london.

10. British Museum:

The world-famous British repository exhibits the works of man from prehistoric to present time from round the world. Highlights embrace the inscription, the Parthenon sculptures, and therefore the mummies within the Ancient Egypt assortment.

9. Tate Modern:

Located on the river Thames is John Orley Allen Tate trendy contemporary art. The art museum has many temporary exhibitions by prime artists from Damien Hirst to painter. The gallery’s restaurants provide fabulous views across the town. Entry is free.

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8. National Gallery:

This London places to visit has the crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, London’s National Gallery may be an immense house, stuffed with Western European paintings from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

7. History Museum:

The explanation depository boasts a group of the most important, tallest and rarest animals within the world. See a large whalebone whale, a 40-million-year-old spider, and also the stunning Central Hall. Entry is free however special exhibitions need tickets.

 6. Science Museum:

This museum makes your brain perform Olympic-standard mental athletics. See, bit and knowledge the foremost scientific advances of the last three hundred years; do not forget the awe-inspiring IMAX cinema for best London Sightseeing options. Entry is free however some exhibitions need tickets.

5. Victoria and prince consort

This depository has artefacts of 3000 years. A true treasure hoarded with wealth, visitors would discover hoards of furniture, artefacts on metalwork, handmade paintings and sculpture etc., in the depository.

4. Madame Tussauds

This is one of the best London places to visit and at ma’am Tussauds, you may come back face-to-face with a number of the world’s most famed faces. From Shakespeare to girl Gaga you may meet powerful figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even Royalty.

3. Royal Museums Greenwich

Visit the world’s largest maritime deposit, the historic Queen’s House, and therefore the Royal Observatory Greenwich: all currently a part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. Stand astraddle the longitude, bit a meteoroid, and see the celebs within the planetarium.

2. Tower of London

Take a tour with one in all the Yeoman Warders round the Tower of London, one in all the world’s most famed buildings. Discover its 900-year history as a royal palace, jail and place of execution, arsenal, jewel house and zoo! Gaze up at the White Tower, tiptoe through a medieval king’s room.

1, London Eye:

The EDF Energy London Eye may be a major feature of London’s skyline. It’s the world’s highest observation wheel, with thirty two capsules, every consideration ten tonnes, and holding up to twenty five folks. Climb aboard for a panoramic expertise, with memorable views of quite fifty five of London’s most famed landmarks – bushed simply thirty minutes!

Visit London – http://www.visitlondon.com/
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Bristol – 10 Best things to see for tourist

Bristol is one of the popular places for which you need to make a list in advances on things to do in Bristol. The place is popular; for the education that it offers at the same time the historic places that are still into existence from quite a long time.

Clifton suspension Bridge, Bristol
Clifton suspension Bridge, Bristol

Bristol Harbor: In the year 1809, Bristol got its transformation due to the floating harbors. It has got more than 80 acres which allows many visiting ships to stay afloat. It is one of the best things to do in Bristol.

Have a fun day out at Bristol Zoo: it is one of the oldest provisional zoos that you can visit in Bristol which offer variety of unique and danger species that are worth to watch out.

Clifton suspension Bridge: This Bridge was constructed in13th century and is one of the first bridges that were made in Bristol. It is one of the distinctive landmarks which are also used on the Bristol postcards.

University of Bristol: It is one of the must visit places for the architecture of the buildings and styles that is provided. The education facility here is quite advanced which you certainly should not give it a miss.

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Wookey Hole caves: For caves lovers, this whole cave in Bristol will be one great and unique experience to enjoy the natural beauty.

University of Bristol Botanic Garden: This garden is known for availability of variety of species and the plants that are unique and worth to watch out. Make sure you add it in your list at the top one as the things to do in Bristol.

Become a Foodie by Visiting Famous Restaurants: There are many popular restaurants that you can enjoy the food. If you are food lover make sure you list down all the great places to dine in.

St. Nicholas Market: It is one of the bustling markets with variety of second-hand bookshops, second-hand bookshops, and the vintage clothing stores to enjoy.

The red Lodge: It is the former home place of Queen Elizabeth I that you must not give it a miss.

Bristol museum and Art Gallery: Don’t forget to add it in your list of things to do in Bristol if you are history lover and love to expose old and ancient part of the city.

To enjoy all the beautiful places of Bristol, make sure you visit all the places and enjoy all the things to do in Bristol which will give you one mesmerizing experience that you can remember rest of your life. Explore more on Bristol with Bristol tourist information at JoGuru. Take care and have fun.

7 Most Visited Oxford tourist attractions

Are you planning to visit the city of Oxford soon?  There is no dearth of Oxford tourist attractions that are vibrant and embodies the culture of the Brits. This city, which was more popular for its educational excellence being home to the city of two of the major Universities namely Oxford and Cambridge,. However, the beauty of this city that overlooks the River Thames is undoubtedly one of the other reasons for which the travelers think of visiting this city during their trip to UK.

In order to find out the best of Oxford the tourists have to find out the locations of sightseeing that can be covered during a trip to UK with Oxford travel guide. Lest us focus on some of the most rated destinations for the tourists:

Oxford travel Guide
Oxford travel Guide

1. St Mary Virgin Church: This is a place of religion although it is now visited by the tourists owing to its architecture. In fact, it is one of the oldest church buildings in which the design and architecture is synonymous with 13th century.

2. Magdalen College: A trip to Oxford remains virtually incomplete unless you have visited the colleges and the centers of education where you will also find students flocking in from different parts of the world. In fact, this is one of the oldest colleges in this that started teaching science to the students.

3. Christ Church Meadow: If you want to stay away from the bustling crowd and want to explore Oxford tourist attractions, walking along the river banks is definitely going to be a delightful experience. The lush green meadow is a favorable destination for the tourists and good enough even if you want to sit there and relax for long hours.

4. The University of Oxford: One of the finest centers for educational excellence, this university is also a place to visit for the tourists coming to this city. The architecture of the building is a visual treat and students from different locations come here to study is the oldest English speaking university. This place is in the list of must haves when it comes to Oxford tourist attractions.

5. Oxford Castle Unlocked: This is a recommended tourist spot that was previously a place for confinement and captivity for over 800 years. There is a guided tour available for this location.

6. The Botanical Garden: A wonderful place that can be located inside the premises of Oxford University and a place that should not be overlooked while exploring Oxford tourist attractions.

7. The Museum of the History of Science: It is a famous museum that is proud to have a collection of more than 1000 scientific instruments.

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Oxford tourist attractions have captivated the mind of the visitors from he olden days and it is no wonder that it continues to do that even today.

Exploring Bath by road : Road trip to Bath

Bath combines prosperous Roman remains with elegant Georgian architecture to originate as one of the most aesthetic cities of Britain. Bath is a World Heritage Site and is the oldest tourist spot in England. It was a flourishing city in medieval era and inherits a rich cultural heritage. Bath is a very unique city in its own right. It is situated in the South West of England, 100 miles west of London and 15 miles south-east of Bristol. Bath travel guide offers the tourists to know and experience England’s most elegant city to the fullest.

Roman Baths
Roman Baths

Bath is the ideal base to explore the West Country. It has been tempting visitors with its unmistakable charm over 2000 years. Knowing as a Roman and Georgian spa city, it is eminent for its hot springs, ancient architecture, rich legacy, Roman period baths, scenic beauty and so on. Bath and its picturesque surroundings offer tourists a swarm of fantastic places to visit. Bath travel guide displays Roman Baths Museum, Bath Abbey, Thermal Bath Spa, The Circus, Victoria Art Gallery, Theater Royal, Royal Crescent, American Museum and so many more.

Bath travel guide is a very essential aspect for those who wish to explore the city totally. Bath has a rich artistic and cultural heritage. The city is famous for its shows, theaters  music, festivals, galleries, gardens. All kind of modern amenities for the tourists of different financial conditions are available here. Proper accommodation and eating out are rarely an issue in Bath.

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To reach at the destination, some will opt for the plane or train, while the others will go for road trip. Before leaving on their road trip, tourists take some time to prepare. They make a primary outline of the areas they will be driving through and the kind of facilities which are available along the way. Though tourists may chalk out the basics of their journey, they should be flexible. They must observe the roadside signs that may even lead to an unknown tourist attraction, thus adding to their enjoyment. Bath city information enlightened the tourists with its various information and guides.

Going on a road trip to Bath, tourists must carry the needful equipment  It is needless to mention that snacks are the best option to enjoy while riding. Children will love to have them.

Road trip to Bath is a spectacular experience because of the road side view it offers. There are plenty of places where one could halt and enjoy light refreshments. Bath travel guide will of immense help to decide the places where the tourists can take rest while driving.

The five most alluring places to see in York

York, which is one of England’s most beautiful cities, built on centuries of history, has a sense of majesty that is hard to ignore for the wanderers. It is tough to prescribe the most alluring places to see in York as it has a huge number of enchanting destinations all of which demand equal attention from the nature lovers.

York Minster, the incredible Gothic cathedral, started out as a small stone church. It may, probably, be assigned the rank of the most famous landmark that attracts the tourists from every corner of the world. It was built in the 7th century for the baptism of the Anglo Saxon King, Edwin of Northumbria. It went through two major fires and bombings, but they could not defeat its undying spirit.

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High on the list of the places to see in York is The Shambles. It is one of the most well known medieval streets in the world. The tourists can collect plenty of souvenirs in this area. The Shambles inherits the old world charm.

National Railway Museum has a historical background of 300 long years. The most important attractions of the museum are the science shows, storytelling, steam rides, craft activities etc. which the tourists, specially the kids, will immensely enjoy.

York city represents it’s scary and chilly side through the York Dungeon. This is one of the most mysterious places to see in York. It is a journey back in time that recollects the days of torture, heinous crimes. The place is well worth a visit but is not at all suitable for the children.

Jorvik Centre is one of the most exciting places to see in York. Here the visitors are taken back to the ancient time of the Viking settlement. It offers a journey full of nostalgic appeal. It showcases the hard times. The journey takes place in a moving time capsule. The tourists can sit and enjoy this unique experience through the commentary and the recreated authentic smells and noises of the times.

The Bar Walls around the city are themselves one of the best places to see in York. Tourists can just hang around in this most exotic location. It can take about two to three hours to explore the walls totally. It offers scenic beauty around.

The so far mentioned places to see in York are in fact very few in numbers when compared to the huge varieties of attractions that the whole city offers. People who visit the place for the first time most likely come back again to explore it further.

9 Recommended Tourist Spots in Cambridge

Cambridge is one popular tourist destination which is known for the universities that are located here. There are many great monuments, cultural heritage, and popular towns in and around Cambridge that you must not forget to give a look. If you are planning to visit this place, then ensure that you look around for the popular Cambridge tourist attractions that have grabbed the attention of many people from many years.

If this is your first time, that you are planning to visit Cambridge,UK then it is advisable to make a good list of popular Cambridge tourist attractions that are visited quite frequently by many people. Here is the list of 9 spots that are located in Cambridge that will surely make you amazed for the work and the architecture which they present.

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University Of Cambridge

This one is surely the most important tourist destination that you should never give it a miss whenever you make your visit here. It is the world famous university and is considered as the second oldest in the English speaking world which was founded in year 1209 and even now has been attracting many students to pursue their further education.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

With more than 40 acres of landscaped garden, this place offers more than 8,000 different species of plant

Scott Polar Research Institute

If you like to explore the grim and deadly Polar Regions, then surely this Cambridge tourist destination is right for you to visit. It is one old international research centers that you will ever come across.

Imperial War Museum Duxford

This place is one of the best Cambridge tourist attractions founded in the year 1977. It is considered as the largest museum with more than 200 military vehicles. Nearly more than 40000 of people visit the place every year.

Fitzwilliam Museum: This museum is known for the exhibition of unusual items like ceramics and pottery.

Anglesey Abbey

The place is popular for the amazing piece of architecture which it provides us. It is one popular scenic mansion which is more than 350 years old.

Trinity College: This College is known as the world leader in the fields of learning and research.

The Orchard Tea Garden: This place is located outside Cambridge city which is also called as a special tea room

Wimpole Hall: It is one country house situate close to Cambridge city that offers great monuments to visit.

These are few Cambridge tourist attractions that are popularly known and admired even today. Make sure that you visit all these places.

8 Reykjavik Tourist Attractions one shouldn’t miss in Iceland

8 most visited Reykjavik Tourist Attractions which one shouldn’t miss while in Icelend. Check out following list and attraction description which will guide you to Reykjavik sightseeing.

Type: Waterfall
It is known as “The Golden Fall” in English is the most beautiful and waterfall and is a must see attractions in Reykjavik travel in Iceland. The golden fall offers a spectacular and a breathtaking experience. A little windy and snowy but for a stunning panorama like this, it’s all worth it.

More info on city guide here on Reykjavik tourist Guide.

Gullfoss waterfall, Reykjavik
Gullfoss waterfall, Reykjavik

it’s a striking Lutheran, Paris church and is largest church in Iceland. No entrance ticket. A great view to capture city from top and an inexpensive place to be at. The church act as a landmark on many occasions

Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik
Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik

Golden Circle
Scenic Drive, Driving, Group tours/bus tour, City walk sightseeing
One of popular route among tourist that has three prominent stops including national park Þingvellir and the waterfall Gullfoss. Do check the weather before taking this route to avoid weather obstacles.  Rent a car and dive into the beauty of Golden Circle.

Golden circle, Reykjavik
Golden circle, Reykjavik

Type: Architecture,
Spectacular building with great architecture. Visit twice to get engaged in the beauty of this beautiful – that’s during day time and in the night. Different colors on building make it alive and intuitive.

Harpa, Reykjavik
Harpa, Reykjavik

Type: Landmark
Another landmark building in Reykjavik. It’s worth a stop for a coffee and to have extravagant view of a structure consisting of five hot water tanks that lie still in front of your eyes.


National Museum of Iceland
Get introduced to information on history of Iceland and its present. This museum encompasses a café and a museum shop.  The admission is free on Wednesday.

National Museum of Iceland
National Museum of Iceland

Solfar (Sun Voyager) Sculpture
Type: Monument

Lovely piece of work with best backdrop that tell a story of a place and time.

Type: Entertainment Center

While on the Reykjavik travel – indulges in some horse riding experience with Viking horses and Islenski Hesturinn.


Road trip to explore castles of Edinburgh

Castles of EdinburghScotland has a remarking history. Why not spend some time on this road trip to discover the city itself in getting closer to what has history left for us?
Edinburgh Castle – Dirleton Castle – Tantallon castle – Linlithgow Palace

Let’s start with the most famous and popular castle among tourist – Edinburgh Castle. It’s been in use since 1000 years and yet one can witness its beauty and stature. The castle is in the heart of the city and is one among favourite tourist attraction. Buy a ticket on-line before you go here to spend more time in exploring castle.

Give a speed to your road trip – take a turn 23 miles to the east of Edinburgh to explore another castle – charming and romantic known as Dirleton Castle.  The castle is quite popular among youngsters.  Do have a look at the garden area to enjoy refreshing stroll gazing towards timeless beauty of historical piece.

Drive some more miles to visit Tantallon castle located in east Lothian. Built in 14th century, it mainly comprises of a single hefty wall that secures coastal promontory. A sea view while climbing and fresh breeze may make this as your much loved destination on this road trip.

Move west to the Midlothian to explore another huge, spectacular and sophisticated castle called Crichton Castle. It’s a 16th century courtyard façade stands strikingly beautiful. Some part of the castle is collapsed but those who see it goes back praising its architecture.

15 miles away from west of Edinburgh is Linlithgow Palace. It was principal residence for monarchs of Scotland during 15th and 16th centuries. This palace is open to visitors all across year.  Before you think you have learnt a lot of history on this road trip, think again. This Road trip to Edinburgh has more history to be seen and witnessed. Gear up to take a walk along walls of Blackness Castle that sits few miles away from Linlithgow palace. It’s a 15th century fortress near the south shore of the firth of fore. The castle has many nooks and crannies to explore. Some enjoy bird watching and some it’s top view. A lesser known castle and yet pleasingly attractive for a day picnic.

Castles of Edinburgh are perfect destination to see on weekends. Two days are sufficient and succinct to take a road trip around Edinburgh. Castle of Edinburgh offers history from the centuries of 14th, 15th and 16th.  The castle ruins itself speaks about the history and one can feel its aura while riding off from one castle to other.