Buenos Aires Dance Festival – Tango World Championship

Best Features of Buenos Aires Dance Festival


World Tango Festival
World Tango Festival

Visiting a soulful South American nation like Argentina will never be the same again after you witness the energy of the participants at Buenos Aires Dance Festival. Celebrity couples from all the across the world are known to take part in this frolic frenzy to display their best dancing moves in an ultimate manner. Eroticism displayed at its best is what you get to feel once the tango dance has been experienced during the initial basis. Lively couples without age or cultural barriers are known to take part in this dance extravaganza not just to showcase their skills but also emerge winners than all.

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Tango Festival
Tango Festival

Celebrating 10th Annual World Tango Festival

Registration: Available from 1st of August
Festival Dates: August 14 to August 27
Visit: tangobuenosaires.gob.ar

Displaying your best dance moves beating other couples is best possible with the ultimate choice you wake while dancing. As far as the proceedings for the year 2013 are considered, the dance will be organized on 13th August and will continue for 18 days bringing the best memories back so that an energetic feel could be experienced all over again. The whole event has been reflected as the most memorable one across the world with the World Tango Championship organized in the Argentine city where the world’s best tango dancers are known to take part.

Popular events conducted at the World Tango Festival

  • Tango shows and recitals
  • Milongas along with classical
  • Film screenings at popular city venues

Tourists will be left in absolute amazement with the kind of exuberance the festivals is organized. Numerous participants and onlookers are known to participate making it one of the best revered dances of the world.

Argentine traditional dance form, which has originated during dark nights in the brothels has now become the most revered dance filled with a lot of passion and energy. Young couples are seen performing the tango dance by bringing in a lot of variations. Participating in a dance competition based upon Tango of Argentina is something that is regarded as most unique by the highly acclaimed dancers from all over the world. This gives a brief insight into the fact that how much popular this dance has become from the dancers and others across the world.

Participate in Buenos Aires Tango World Championship

Tango World Championship is held every year in order to bring out the best talent associated with the dancers. Couple dancers not just from Argentina, but from all over the world are known to take part in this dance competition much to the delight of the audience leaving some of the spectacular moments filled with rhythmic dance steps.