Milan – 6 Things to Know Before you Go

Milan, the fashion and financial capital of Italy is an amalgamation of the opposites- laid-back, chilled-out attitude and energetic fast paced lifestyle. With whooping crowds and never ending series of fun, this city never sleeps. As the sun sets, Milan rises with thousands of glittering lights, extravagance and non-stop rumble of locals as well as tourists; exploring a new side of the city every day.

Want to know more about this fabulous city of Italy? Here is a list of things to do in Milan:

1. Life in Milan

People of Milan are as much fast-paced as they can be sluggish and laid back. Their lifestyle is a constant juxtaposition of both these complexes. A person who might be running down the street on a busy week day tends to be more indolent, watching sport on flat screen and sipping a mug of beer or whiskey in weekends. Though the people of Milan are more into privacy, they are still friendly and welcoming. One who loves to live a calmer and secluded life even in a tourist destination, Milan doesn’t disappoint them.

2. Weather in Milan

The weather of this city is mostly cloudy and sometimes receives a non-stop shower lasting for 4-5 days! During the rains, the streets transform into small puddles of water. On a bright sunny day, people from nearby cities as well as from the distant parts of the world hop down to the place to see the Gothic architecture shining under the sun. Cycling and walking are some of the most popular things to do in Milan. Picturesque settings, clear sky and classic constructions make the place even more sensuous.

Milan Italy in Rainy days - places to see

3. Shopping

Milan can be one of the most expensive cities in the world for shopping, especially for men if they are planning to take their ladies to the world’s largest shopping mall- Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II! Nevertheless, one can never be dissatisfied with the wide range of utilitarian options available over there and would willingly spend on them. From small outlets to huge malls; fashion and style distills in the air of Milan, with a particular trend lasting only till a month! Chanel store which is a branch of the world famous Chanel brand is also one of the choices for purchasing leather bags, chic jewelry and accessories, clothes. Other prominent shopping centers are Coin, Piazza Portello, Excelsior Milano, Dolce and Gabbana Industria.

Milan Shopping - things to do

4. Nightlife in Milan

Milan carries a different beat during the nights. The nightlife in Milan is a ravishing and captivating one. The city is filled with elegant as well as overhyped bars and restaurants. Brera district is one of the most prominent areas for seeing nightlife, with a number of scintillating bars and restaurants serving great Italian cuisine. ‘Happy hours’, as they term the nights, begin from 11pm till 4pm. During these hours the bars are loaded with great drinks, delicious food and discotheques playing some of the coolest music in-house. Cafés such as HClub, Mint Garden café; Obica-Duomo, Globe Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Navigli and Garibaldi are some of the places to visit in Milan, exhibiting cool vibe and nightlife.

Milan night - things to do

5. Dinner on a tram in Milan

ATMosfera is an antique tram with restaurant servicing within the tram. If you are planning for one day in Milan, then this tram is the best option for knowing the city while dining and relaxing in the tram. With exquisite furnishing and décor, this tram-restaurant serves a four-course meal along with a memorable and detailed tour of Milan. Visit Milan and board on this luxurious transit.

Milan-dining-tram - Things to do

6. Events in Milan

This grand commerce city of Italy also hosts some of the most wonderful events of the place, apart from the Catholic festivals. Salone Internazionale del Mobile is one such unique fair displaying some of the best exotic furniture designed and put on display. Oh Bej! Oh Bej! is a huge open market fair organized on the feast of Ambrogio, Milan’s patron saint. In this event; people drink, eat, shop and have fun riding the various rides set across the streets. Festa dei Navigli is a 15 days celebration near Navigli with boat rides, cracking fireworks, and antique markets working all through the night.

Want to visit this amusing city and experience these activities over there? Check out an itinerary planner for Milan and witness this ultimate fashion and party destination.