12 Heart Breaking Images of Typhoon Haiyan’s Leftovers

We are human beings. We have mood swings. We change our temperament with time. We yell. We cry. We shout. We fight. If we aren’t someone who can have a stable state of mind and why should we expect it from the Nature; especially when we ourselves don’t bother about keeping this earth Green. I believe, Nature was at its “bad hair day”  which ultimately has eventuated into something like “Typhoon Haiyan“. A vent out, which probably has left people crying for their beloved ones, scavenging for food, watch unending number of dead-bodies post typhoon and crib over what wrong have done to witness something like this.

I can feel the agony of these people and yet i know that their pain and loss is irreversible. A life gone can never come back. It’s a nature’s drama. It’s heart breaking for me to say..but i am comfortably numb as i have my family around. At times I wake in the middle of night thinking what if it was me in that disaster.

Like any other natural calamity, this has left me stunned, jaw dropped and helpless.

I went through few websites to see what has Typhoon Haiyan left for us to see.

A Coastal community – damaged, marred and in poor condition.

An aerial view shows damaged houses on a coastal community after Typhoon Haiyan hit Iloilo Province in the central Philippines on Nov. 9.

Two of then are probably solacing each other over the loss.

Residents sit on a curb outside their damaged house.

Affected pulling relief food food by dead bodies lying on the street.

Residents pull relief goods by dead bodies in the street.

Residents wait in the queue to receive relief food.

Residents wait near Tacloban’s damaged airport for relief goods on Nov. 9.

Residents taking a shelter in a broken bus.

Survivors who lost their homes use a Jeepney public bus as shelter.

Residents carrying the body of victim in the storm.

Survivors carry a person killed in the storm.

It was an airport before. Disfigured. 


Survival of the fittest.

Residents fetch water from an artesian well.

I think her faith has made her survive through all this.

A survivor holds a statue of Jesus Christ, her only saved belonging, after the typhoon.

Someone might have saved penny every now and then to get this car but now, this is a scrap. All i can do is Guess and solace the affected.

Overturned vehicles are seen outside a damaged airport.

Standing by each other..through thick and thin.

A mother takes refuge with her children in Cebu city on Nov. 8.

Stating a simple line that houses were destroyed wouldn’t be enough. With each house, many unfulfilled dreams, desires, lives and relations have destroyed too.

Thousands of homes were destroyed in Tacloban.

I hope and pray that The Almighty would not take such harsh action next time on us.

Paris Hilton in Ibiza

Celebrities and Their Vacation Trips

Everyone needs a break from their routine and so does our favorite stars too. Here are some celebrities enjoying their vacations with their partners and demonstrating their Holiday Quo.  Ibiza seem to be dazzled by all the stars coming in and spending some quality time. Here’s a sneak peek.


1.  Naomi Campbell and Adrien Brody –  Coast of Ibiza

Naomi Campbell ibiza 2013
Naomi Campbell ibiza 2013

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2. Matthew Broderick  and wife Sarah Jessica Parker in Greece

Matthew Broderick  in Greece
Matthew Broderick in Greece

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3. Jennifer Aniston,  Justin Theroux with Jason Bateman and his wife in Mexico.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

4. Naomi Campbell and Stacy Keibler at Ibiza

Naomi Campbell and Stacy Keibler at Ibiza
Naomi Campbell and Stacy Keibler at Ibiza

5. Leonardo DiCaprio in Ibiza.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Ibiza
Leonardo DiCaprio in Ibiza

6. Damian Lewis ALong with his two children at Ibiza.

Damian Lewis at Ibiza
Damian Lewis at Ibiza

7. Paris Hilton in Ibiza

Paris Hilton in Ibiza
Paris Hilton in Ibiza