Andaman Island

Best Island In The World to See

Andaman Islands


Havelock Island, North Sentinel Island, Neil Island, Baratang, Little Andaman, Barren Island, South Andaman Island, Middle Andaman Island, Great Andaman, Rutland Island, North Andaman Island, South Sentinel Island, Henry Lawrence Island, Sir Hugh Rose Island, South Button Island, John Lawrence Island, North Button Island, Inglis Island, Outram Island, Middle Button Island, Sir William Peel Island, Nicholson Island, Wilson Island

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Andaman Island
Andaman Island

Islands of French Polynesia


Tahiti, Bora Bora, Mo’oera, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa, Rangiroa, Nuku Hiva, Fakarava, Hiva Oa, Maupiti, Rurutu, Fatu Hiva, Ua Pu, Raivavae, Ua Huka, Tubuai, Teriaroa, Tahuata.

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Bora Bora
Bora Bora

The Coast of Fair Isle

The Coast of Fair Isle
The Coast of Fair Isle

Balls Pyramid

Balls Pyramid
Balls Pyramid

Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly
Isles of Scilly



The Canary Islands

Canary Islands
Canary Islands

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Maldives Gateway

What you need to know about Maldives?

Maldives !

Coddled in the middle of Indian Ocean, this scenic- place to visit before you die – has been receiving tourist in multitude.  Mere looking at the pictures make you feel how serene it would be to spend a luxurious holiday in the heart of ocean.  See-Through beaches, unending shades of blue and and a tranquil place with exotic living.  Sublime it is !

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Maldives Resort
Maldives Resort

It’s a romantic getaway. It hold top most position while planning a honeymoon. It’s an island to have a underwater hotel. Why Just couples? Maldives has something for everyone

Maldives Gateway
Maldives Gateway

I’d suggest everyone to give a day’s time to enjoy the sunshine and indulge in some spa therapy.

Maldives Beach
A way to most exotic holiday destination

Best time to visit Maldives is during Summers.  It’s sugar looking beaches awaits your presence in summer. It’s a high season and most of the resorts are often booked already. You better book your reservation online to enjoy Maldives thoroughly.  Tourist flock here mostly during Christmas when the whole Maldives is drenched in color of celebration.

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Best beaches in the world
What makes it one among best beaches in the world.

Maldives is not all about watching scenic beaches and living in a lavish holiday. Like any other beach destination, Maldives too has water sport to indulge into. Groove this time with the waves and breeze trying your hands on some water sports like scuba diving and a banana boat ride.

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Water Sport at Maldies
Water Sport at Maldives

For Water sport lovers – May to November is the best time to visit.  During this months, water clarity is more due to increased level of water. One can dwell into jet-skiing, windsurfing, diving and snorkeling can give an amazing experience to all tourists.

Burning Man 2013 – Photo Gallery

Burning Man 2013 began on Monday, August 26 and ended on Monday, September 2. The sensational even has captured some of highly ecstatic moments among people who witnessed it.

#Burningman #burningman2013

An aerial view of the Burning Man 2013
An aerial view of the Burning Man 2013

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For those who doesn’t know much about the “BURNING MAN”, here’s a quick intro:
It’s difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced the even in real. It’s an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.

Burning man begins on the last Monday of August and ends on first Monday of September. The even is held in Black Rock Desert in the northern Nevada, USA.

A walk through Burning Man 2013:

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Best time to visit Paris

Summer in Paris
Summer in Paris

Paris, France’s most populous city is located on the beautiful banks of river Seine. Situated in the north of this lovely country, Paris houses right at the center of the Île-de-France region. Boasting of a population of around 2,230,000 people within its administrative range, its metropolitan is considered as one of the densely populated geographical area in the whole of Europe. Around twelve million Parisian inhabitants have made Paris their home.

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Spring in Paris
Spring in Paris

While I always dreamt of experiencing this mesmerizing city, I was quite baffled as to when to visit Paris. To understand the best time to visit Paris, I have been visiting Paris to past four year and indulging in all its four season and accommodating various temperaments and each time the city has something new to offer.

My family particularly enjoys being there during summers, as my kids school is on break, celebrations captivates the entire city and climate is pleasant, so quite welcoming. I remember last year when I was in Paris during winters; albeit cold I picked up one the attractions; ice skating at the most famous Hotel de Ville and shopped to glory for my favorite stuff at the busiest, Christmas market.  Many of my friends prefer visiting during spring and fall not only enjoy the enchanting rains and cool climate but extend their stay as; prices fall and the city is less crowded.

Fall in Paris
Fall in Paris

High and low season can affect budget

  • June to October are considered high or peak seasons. Visitors can experience rise in ; rooms prices , transportation etc .
  • January to March are known to be the low seasons. City is less crowded and the prices too fall tremendously.
  • Shoulder seasons includes the months; April to May and November to December.

Ask me it’s a fact that due to various business fairs, conferences and conventions the months September, October and January witness a rise in the visits. So best time to visit Paris also depends upon your assigned travel budget as well.

Trips based on weather conditions   

If you yearn to be in Paris, like my wife then be a beholder of typically warn and sunny climate marked by an average rise up to 75 degree. Winters bestow light rains and snowfall and a temperature embracing a high of 44 degrees. My friends have always wondered how overcast and misty Paris can be in spring and fall with an average temperature of around 60 degrees. Irrespective of when you are visiting the city my personal advice to you would be pack an umbrella to be ready for the possibility of rains. Weather conditions are also one of the preferences that determine when to visit Paris.

Save while on tour

While visiting Paris during winters and springs I have seen the prices of the rooms, transportation, food and more going down; as tourism tends to slow down while the climate is cooler. This slow down price persuades many to gift a package deal along with a reduced fare on flights to their near and dear ones. My friends who love to extend their stay in the city prefer early spring and late fall; as it’s a bang for their buck.

To conclude not to lose out and be a part of its great grandeur.

Tips to avoid travel traps

Make your journey most memorable by avoiding potential travel traps without getting carried away by the tall claims made by gullible people. Simple tricks are helpful in dealing with complex situations because of which it is possible to make every journey of yours most memorable.

Travel Traps
Travel Traps

Here are some of the tips available to you.

  • Collect maximum information about the location
  • Prefer knowing everything in person for best results
  • Ensure leading a life by having maximum local awareness

Traveling is more fun when you get to find the best deals whenever you are on a sojourn or short trip. You need to have the knack of going towards the right way instead of falling prey to gullible people.

Speak to locals

Finding your way in the best way is easily possible when you confront a couple of locals through whom you get to reach your destination quickly. Try avoiding conflicting arguments as it will create more problems instead of resolving your problems. Remember that no person other than a local will have a better understanding about the locations confined to that specific region.

Walk down the track

Getting into a luxury car or tram will never let you experience the kind of comfort you expect in general. Moreover, you never get a feel of the local attractions without actually knowing about the route. Eventually, you need to rely upon external sources because of which you never get to travel as per your original requirement. Walking throughout your travel journey will ensure you remember the route.

Prefer public transport system

Traveling in private cars might help you with luxury but not with the local traveling feel. The best way to get through this jinx is to ensure that you travel through the public transit system. Another advantage is that you get to know about the local culture and traditions in a natural manner for sure.

Maintain regular internet access

By visiting any of the travel websites online, you will be able to explore the best features available as per the requirement. The kind of information that even the locals cannot provide you will be offered by the internet sources. Hence, you need to take enough care that the access is available for you.

Apart from the above ones, there are several other precautions available to you through which you could complete your journey for a lesser price besides saving more time.

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Buenos Aires Dance Festival – Tango World Championship

Best Features of Buenos Aires Dance Festival


World Tango Festival
World Tango Festival

Visiting a soulful South American nation like Argentina will never be the same again after you witness the energy of the participants at Buenos Aires Dance Festival. Celebrity couples from all the across the world are known to take part in this frolic frenzy to display their best dancing moves in an ultimate manner. Eroticism displayed at its best is what you get to feel once the tango dance has been experienced during the initial basis. Lively couples without age or cultural barriers are known to take part in this dance extravaganza not just to showcase their skills but also emerge winners than all.

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Tango Festival
Tango Festival

Celebrating 10th Annual World Tango Festival

Registration: Available from 1st of August
Festival Dates: August 14 to August 27

Displaying your best dance moves beating other couples is best possible with the ultimate choice you wake while dancing. As far as the proceedings for the year 2013 are considered, the dance will be organized on 13th August and will continue for 18 days bringing the best memories back so that an energetic feel could be experienced all over again. The whole event has been reflected as the most memorable one across the world with the World Tango Championship organized in the Argentine city where the world’s best tango dancers are known to take part.

Popular events conducted at the World Tango Festival

  • Tango shows and recitals
  • Milongas along with classical
  • Film screenings at popular city venues

Tourists will be left in absolute amazement with the kind of exuberance the festivals is organized. Numerous participants and onlookers are known to participate making it one of the best revered dances of the world.

Argentine traditional dance form, which has originated during dark nights in the brothels has now become the most revered dance filled with a lot of passion and energy. Young couples are seen performing the tango dance by bringing in a lot of variations. Participating in a dance competition based upon Tango of Argentina is something that is regarded as most unique by the highly acclaimed dancers from all over the world. This gives a brief insight into the fact that how much popular this dance has become from the dancers and others across the world.

Participate in Buenos Aires Tango World Championship

Tango World Championship is held every year in order to bring out the best talent associated with the dancers. Couple dancers not just from Argentina, but from all over the world are known to take part in this dance competition much to the delight of the audience leaving some of the spectacular moments filled with rhythmic dance steps.

Know About Simple Ways of Getting Cheap Accommodation

Imagine that you are traveling to a distant location with hardly any money on hand. Trying out some of the smart procedures will let you explore new ways of leading life besides experiencing more benefits on an overall for getting cheap accommodation whenever you are out on travel.

Here are some of the best alternatives you need to consider in this context.

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Living in a pub

Taking up a pub job in order to cut down your living expenses is a great idea for sure. Additionally, you get to learn bartending and several other skills on the go. Also, you get to save maximum time of yours besides realizing maximum benefits on an overall. You can enjoy some of the best privileges for free such as getting access to drinks, playing pool when available and spending more upon personals. Subsidized form of living has got its own benefits, but finding your way inside pub is something that is more different.

Living in a Pub
Living in a Pub

Paying guest accommodation

Finding accommodation in the most conventional ways will still benefit you in an extensive manner. Perhaps, you never feel lonely even after staying far away from home because there will be someone familiar to give you company whenever needed and share your feelings. Different rates are charged for the paying guest accommodation because of which you get to choose the one that benefits you the most.

Paying Guest
Paying Guest

Barter system

Exchanging something in return for your accommodation is considered the best ways of staying while you are on travel. Perhaps, this is a barter system prevalent in the field since centuries. Sharing your personal belongings with others too might lead to some of the attractive deals because of which you get to find accommodation for free or for the best price.

Barter System
Barter System

Apart from the above methods of finding accommodation whenever you are out on travel, given below are some of the best methods available for you on an additional basis.

Finding a liable sponsor for your trip

Bed & Breakfast offers available for best price

List out cheapest accommodation services available online

Choosing the best package from the available lot depends upon the situational requirements you got. However, you need to ensure that the best deals are available for you whenever needed the most. The kind of offers you obtain relies upon the exact location to which you travel and the premium facilities you get to receive from the region.

For a common ma…

For a common man traveling is a waste of time and for him traveling is only once in year and that too with his kids. For a man, who worships the ideology of discovery, will continue traveling every now and then, not to get rejuvenated or not to see any exotic location, but he will travel to see the glorious history the place has witnessed and the stories associated with it. For him to travel is to rediscover the man in himself. – Renny Cross

The quote explains that there are array of people in this world. Not everyone considers travel as a career or as a good hobby or a thing to do. Such people worship their work and deem travel as a fragile thing to do. Only when their kids would cajole them to take them to a vacation, they will stand on their feet to take them to nearest zoo. On the other hand there are people who takes break from their working life to rediscover a different world. And there are other people who chose to be a traveler for their entire life. For them digging deep into the roots of a heritage place or trying a hiking will be a most memorable thing to do in life.

I like such kind of people. People or better say it “travelers” who can’t get enough of this earth. They are hungry to travel more and hungry to dive into the canvass created by the almighty himself.

London Overview

Top 10 Places To See in London

If you are one of those who crave and dream to visit London, here’s a small guide on places to see in London. Good thing about London is that most of the places are free things to do. One can prefer to take bus tour which covers most of the London attractions and is suitable for mostly first time visitors.

London Overview
London Overview

London Overview:
London ranks first as the financial, cultural and tourist centre in the world. Every year tourists throng London in flocks to explore its innate beauty. Tourists also have a lot of options to explore here starting from modern art to exhibitions to expert music to offer the best London sightseeing provisions.

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Let’s have a quick glance over top 10 places you shouldn’t miss while visiting london.

10. British Museum:

The world-famous British repository exhibits the works of man from prehistoric to present time from round the world. Highlights embrace the inscription, the Parthenon sculptures, and therefore the mummies within the Ancient Egypt assortment.

9. Tate Modern:

Located on the river Thames is John Orley Allen Tate trendy contemporary art. The art museum has many temporary exhibitions by prime artists from Damien Hirst to painter. The gallery’s restaurants provide fabulous views across the town. Entry is free.

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8. National Gallery:

This London places to visit has the crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, London’s National Gallery may be an immense house, stuffed with Western European paintings from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

7. History Museum:

The explanation depository boasts a group of the most important, tallest and rarest animals within the world. See a large whalebone whale, a 40-million-year-old spider, and also the stunning Central Hall. Entry is free however special exhibitions need tickets.

 6. Science Museum:

This museum makes your brain perform Olympic-standard mental athletics. See, bit and knowledge the foremost scientific advances of the last three hundred years; do not forget the awe-inspiring IMAX cinema for best London Sightseeing options. Entry is free however some exhibitions need tickets.

5. Victoria and prince consort

This depository has artefacts of 3000 years. A true treasure hoarded with wealth, visitors would discover hoards of furniture, artefacts on metalwork, handmade paintings and sculpture etc., in the depository.

4. Madame Tussauds

This is one of the best London places to visit and at ma’am Tussauds, you may come back face-to-face with a number of the world’s most famed faces. From Shakespeare to girl Gaga you may meet powerful figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even Royalty.

3. Royal Museums Greenwich

Visit the world’s largest maritime deposit, the historic Queen’s House, and therefore the Royal Observatory Greenwich: all currently a part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. Stand astraddle the longitude, bit a meteoroid, and see the celebs within the planetarium.

2. Tower of London

Take a tour with one in all the Yeoman Warders round the Tower of London, one in all the world’s most famed buildings. Discover its 900-year history as a royal palace, jail and place of execution, arsenal, jewel house and zoo! Gaze up at the White Tower, tiptoe through a medieval king’s room.

1, London Eye:

The EDF Energy London Eye may be a major feature of London’s skyline. It’s the world’s highest observation wheel, with thirty two capsules, every consideration ten tonnes, and holding up to twenty five folks. Climb aboard for a panoramic expertise, with memorable views of quite fifty five of London’s most famed landmarks – bushed simply thirty minutes!

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