Road trip to explore castles of Edinburgh

Castles of EdinburghScotland has a remarking history. Why not spend some time on this road trip to discover the city itself in getting closer to what has history left for us?
Edinburgh Castle – Dirleton Castle – Tantallon castle – Linlithgow Palace

Let’s start with the most famous and popular castle among tourist – Edinburgh Castle. It’s been in use since 1000 years and yet one can witness its beauty and stature. The castle is in the heart of the city and is one among favourite tourist attraction. Buy a ticket on-line before you go here to spend more time in exploring castle.

Give a speed to your road trip – take a turn 23 miles to the east of Edinburgh to explore another castle – charming and romantic known as Dirleton Castle.  The castle is quite popular among youngsters.  Do have a look at the garden area to enjoy refreshing stroll gazing towards timeless beauty of historical piece.

Drive some more miles to visit Tantallon castle located in east Lothian. Built in 14th century, it mainly comprises of a single hefty wall that secures coastal promontory. A sea view while climbing and fresh breeze may make this as your much loved destination on this road trip.

Move west to the Midlothian to explore another huge, spectacular and sophisticated castle called Crichton Castle. It’s a 16th century courtyard façade stands strikingly beautiful. Some part of the castle is collapsed but those who see it goes back praising its architecture.

15 miles away from west of Edinburgh is Linlithgow Palace. It was principal residence for monarchs of Scotland during 15th and 16th centuries. This palace is open to visitors all across year.  Before you think you have learnt a lot of history on this road trip, think again. This Road trip to Edinburgh has more history to be seen and witnessed. Gear up to take a walk along walls of Blackness Castle that sits few miles away from Linlithgow palace. It’s a 15th century fortress near the south shore of the firth of fore. The castle has many nooks and crannies to explore. Some enjoy bird watching and some it’s top view. A lesser known castle and yet pleasingly attractive for a day picnic.

Castles of Edinburgh are perfect destination to see on weekends. Two days are sufficient and succinct to take a road trip around Edinburgh. Castle of Edinburgh offers history from the centuries of 14th, 15th and 16th.  The castle ruins itself speaks about the history and one can feel its aura while riding off from one castle to other.